Professional Staff

Ralph A. Elston, PhD

Dr. Ralph Elston is the President and founder of AquaTechnics and is an aquatic animal pathologist and fishery biologist, with certifications from the American Fisheries Society.  He has worked in the fields of natural resources management and aquaculture health management since 1976.  Dr. Elston’s core expertise is in the area of fish and shellfish diseases, aquatic health management, and analysis of the nature and cause of pathological conditions and environmental factors that affect fisheries and marine animals and microorganisms.  His experience includes research investigations on biological mechanisms of marine diseases, environmental pathology and toxicology, condition and health of marine animal populations, and aquatic animal drug registration studies conducted under U.S.
Food and Drug Administration Good Laboratory Practices.  Dr. Elston has affiliations with university and other educational and research institutions concerned with marine biology.

Kathleen A. Cooper, M.S.

Ms. Cooper is a laboratory specialist for AquaTechnics.  She is experienced in aquatic animal physiology, and is experienced in shellfish and finfish necropsy and investigation of infectious disease agents using microbiological and histological methods.

Karen L. Humphrey, B.Ph.

Ms. Humphrey is a laboratory specialist and research analyst for AquaTechnics.  Ms. Humphrey, a registered pharmacist, has expertise in aquatic animal diagnostic procedures, microbiology and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) techniques. She is skilled in the development of research protocols, experimental design and data collection and analysis. Ms. Humphrey specializes in scientific literature search and review, with detailed incisive analysis for production of critical reviews on subjects regarding fisheries, fish and shellfish health and microbiology.

Dr. Paul Frelier, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Dr. Frelier is an associate consulting pathologist for AquaTechnics.  He is a diplomate of the American College
of Veterinary Pathologists and is experienced in pathology and health management of aquatic animals.

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