About Us

AquaTechnics is…

……a world leader providing aquatic animal health management services to support productive and sustainable aquaculture and assist conservation of aquatic species and their natural environment. The company was formed in 1993 to fulfill needs of private and governmental clients for specialized aquatic animal health management and assessment services.  We network with private partners, university researchers and others to form teams that maximize focus, effectively implement projects and provide cost effective solutions.

AquaTechnics provides a variety of laboratory services to the aquaculture industry.  Our aquaculture health laboratory and consulting services are aimed at increasing efficiency and profitability of marine and freshwater aquaculture operations and eliminating waste of energy and resources in aquaculture production.

AquaTechnics laboratory provides support to natural resource management agencies and private clients to analyze aquatic animal health in natural populations. We assess the impact on aquatic animal health from a diverse array of causes, including damage from pollution sources and health effects of naturally occurring diseases.  A variety of diagnostic procedures are utilized to identify infectious agents, determine prevalence, and assist in analysis of impact on natural populations for effective fishery management.

We provide consulting services to manage and prevent diseases in both farmed and natural animal populations and diagnostic laboratory services, contract research services, field and site assessment and expert witness services for studies we conduct.  Where possible, we document our work in peer reviewed scientific journal articles.

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